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Thread: Setting DSCP codepoints

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    Default Setting DSCP codepoints

    Hi guys

    I have to set my DSCP codepoints on the Quadro boxes to 46. There is a hidden page tos.cgi, but it does not matter what I set on these pages, when I capture packets from the Quadro, the rtp always shows the TOS to be set to 11 on the packets.

    What gives. Should this work? Is there another place to set RTP DSCP/TOS settings?

    The box I am testing on is a quad BRI on firmware v5.1.14



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    On tos.cgi page you should configure the tos bits for RTP classes of service (priority levels - low, medium, high). Then go to Extension Management -> SIP Advanced Settings page and choose the "RTP priority level" for extension. After that Quadro will send the RTP packets from that extension with the TOS bits configured for corresponding class of service.

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