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Thread: SIP for android (remote extension)

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    Default SIP for android (remote extension)

    I think I have a configuration issue but I do know what where to look

    I recently switcher to Android smatphone (Motorola Defy) and installed 3CX client software

    I am using Quadro 16x 5.1.18 firmware

    Issue I have is this - when I make SIP call to an extension the called person can hear me, but I can not hear him.

    But when this person calls me we can hear each other normally.

    If I use a sip call to call external number then again we can hear each other.

    To sum it up: the problem occures only when a remote extension makes a call to a local extension.

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    How is it an Epigy problem if "I recently switcher to Android smatphone (Motorola Defy) and installed 3CX client software"


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    The same problem occures on 3CX software and on the SIPDroid also.

    This problem occures only when remote extension connects to the local extension. This is what leads me to induction that the problem is connected with quadro configuration.

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    3CX is designed predominantly for the 3CX telephone system, not really for the Epygi Quadro - it states that it can work with other systems but you cant use a tunnel to get around problems incurred by firewalls.

    Doing a quick Googles points to many Android Sip Phones, some are dedicated for sip servers others are open to cater for Open Sip servers like that of the Epygi Quadro.

    Try the above link, and have a read though it should help you connecting and making and receiving calls through the Quadro.

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    Further to this, I installed the 3cx softphone on my iphone and connected it to the remote side of the Epygi Quadro with 5.2.28 firmware and no problems receiving or sending or any of the audio problems mentioned.

    Could it be a firewall issue you are having rather than the Quadro?. Can you update your firmware to 5.1.39 ?


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    The software upgrade to 5.1.39 helped, thank you for directing me to it.

    It turned out it just worked once after the upgrade, but with later calls the problem returned. Maybe it has something to do with configuration? Maybe I am blocking something?
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    By the way will the firmware be developed for the 32MB devices?

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    It was a fault of android device, after factory reser all works just fine.

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