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Thread: Snom 370 DND issue - do not disturb can't be disabled after a few hours

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    Question Snom 370 DND issue - do not disturb can't be disabled after a few hours

    Hi Everyone,

    We have a Epygi Quadro 4x here running the latest firmware with firmware version control turned on.

    We are using a Snom 370 we are using as a reception phone - I have set a DND button through the 'advanced' button mapping on the Epygi so that the receptionist can press the DND button when she's away from her desk to divert calls to the ring group extension. This works fine during the day - i.e. when the DND button is pressed it says "Feature Activated" and the "DND" button lights up and says on the Snom370 Screen "DND Enabled" ... and if she comes back in a short amount of time and presses the button again it says "Feature Deactivated" and the "DND" button extinguishes and the message is gone from the screen.

    The problem we are having is when DND is left on overnight - each morning the receptionist has to reboot the Snom 370 else she can't turn DND off ... i.e. when she presses the DND button in the morning it speaks "Feature Deactivated" so it was still on at the Quadro... however the Snom 370 still keeps its light on and still says "DND Enabled" on the screen... no amount of button pressing disables the DND again (this causes the problem whereby calls will go to nowhere since the Epygi thinks the Snom is ringing but its actually on its own DND)

    Any suggestions? is anyone using a similar scenario? Thanks in advance

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    This needs to be investigated and fixed, menawhile I would recommend you to use the Snom native DND functionality. To do that, you need to change the Snom's configuration template. Go to "IP Line Settings" then click on "Manage IP Phone Templates", then press "Add", and in the new template select "Snom" on the left. Then for "Do not Disturb" combo box, select "keyevent_F_DND". After that, you will need to activate template for receptionist phone. Go to "IP Line Settings" then click on the "IP Line x" on the leftmost column (where x is the ip line number of your receptionist), then on the "Use template" select your new created template.
    Reboot the receptionist phone.
    Hope this will help

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    Thanks I tried this but doesn't work - if i use the built in F_DND function then any callers to the extension get stuck in the queue "please wait and your call will be answered soon" etc forever.. unlike the proper Epygi *72 DND functionality whereby the caller will be diverted (We have call divert on unreachable)... any other ideas? What i need is an EASY way for the receptionist to turn call diversions on and off from her phone AND know that it is enabled by a light etc.

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    If you are using call queueuing service, then it will not work with DND enabled on any phone. That is why we recommend using quadro based services, as they work in bundle.
    I'm not sure if problem with disabling DND service is the one of Quadro IP PBX, or problem of the phone's firmware. Anyway, could you describe your user case, what have been configured, and how you configured receptionist extension to " divert calls to the ring group "?
    In general diversion to other extension is enabled by call forwarding service atcivation, but not DND one. Could you try to set back "DND" from template to recommeded one, but instead of using that DND for call diversion, use Call Forwarding (you can set your unconditional call forwarding from the Quadro GUI, and set programable button on the Snom 370 to CFwd). Upon pressing button you will activate unconditional call forwarding to your ring extension, and should also see the lamp indication that service is active.

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    Thanks I tried out the CFWd method - it works but same problem... after >12hours of being activated the Lamp on the Snom 370 won't turn off... I can deactivate it fine by pressing the key but the Lamp and "CFWd" display on the screen stays lit no matter what unless i reboot the phone. However it's a bit better in that I'm not losing calls unlike DND which would cause calls to be stuck in the queue.

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