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Thread: Setup a queue?

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    Default Setup a queue?

    I've spend ages trying to set this up. Hopefully somebody here can help me.

    We have 2 PSTN phone lines with seperate phone numbers attached to our Epygi Quadro 2x. We have 6 users in our office, each with the QCM software installed on our desktops.

    We want to set it up so that when somebody calls us, they get put through to "Hello and welcome to our company. Please hold the line". Then either myself or another person can answer the call, and forward it to any of the other 4 people in the office.

    I've tried to set this up to avail for about 2 months on and off. Could anyone here help me with this please?

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    How can you have 2 x Separate PSTN lines connected to a 2x, when it only has one PSTN port?
    You don't have them installed in the Line 1 and Line 2 outlets on the 2x do you?
    If so that could explain your issues!

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    Oh Really? I was told that it can support up to 2 PSTN lines and a large ammount of VOIP lines...

    Right now, I've only got one line installed. I'll be plugging the 2nd one in later (when I get this queue thing sorted).

    At the moment, the 1 PSTN line is working. I can make a call out from QCM and if somebody calls that number, my QCM will ring.

    Anyway, for now I'd like to focus on the queue system for now.

    My boss has updated me and told me that this will work for us:

    Somebody calls the phone, all our QCM's ring at the same time. Anybody can answer and forward to anybody else. If nobody answers, it goes to a single voicemail which anybody can answer.

    Is it possible to set this up? And if so, could I have some tips here? I seem to find the manual for this quite confusing...

    edit: I may have meant "FXO" line, not pstn.
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    Configure a virtual extension with the voice mail box, let's say ext. 55. Configure the voice mail box as a "shared mailbox" - in access list add all extensions that will have access to that mailbox.
    Configure many extensions ringing on ext. 55, adding all extensions that have to ring.
    Configure FXO to send all incoming calls to ext.55

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