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Thread: Quadro2xi -can´t hear the listener of the other side

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    Exclamation Quadro2xi -can´t hear the listener of the other side


    I hace a problem with Quadro2xi . when I´m in a conversation I can´t hear the listener of the other side for 5 seconds. It´s happen randomly in some calls. Always in the side of the epigy is the problem, in the other side the people can hear perfect.

    latency is good and the ADSL (2Mb/2Mb simetric) is only for voip.

    thanks a lot.

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    Sounds like a networking issue.
    Suggest you check for a bad switch or the switch having issues.
    Is the switch a smart or managed? If so is the QOS set for the connection to the phone?
    What phone model are you using? Could it be the phone?
    Run the pingtest tool and some others. Can the phone do a pcap or packet capture?
    Does the *82 log set give you info about the problem. Check your call control logs is there something there?
    Provide a bit more info and maybe someone smarter than me can narrow it down a bit.
    Good luck, Paris

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    Switch is smart. The phone doesn´t have QOS.

    I´m using Yealink SIP-T20. I think isn´t the phone, I try with a softphone and is the same error.

    I do a ping lan --> provider voip and all are correct, 45ms.

    I don´t know about *82 . Where is this?

    thanks a lot

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