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    Has anyone successfully connected a PolyCom 650 phone with an Epygi Quadro 4.x PBX with the latestet firmware? My phone is grabing from DHCP, tries to load a config but is stuck in a automatic reboot cycle when it tries to process the configuration.

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    First of allany phone should recognize if there is no configuration for itself and go further with default configuration and successfully pass booting process. DHCPonly offers tftp/http boot server name.

    Quadro does not supportPolycom 650. It should be configured as general SIP phone by setting up"Other" in "Phone Model" field. In this case phonecan be configuredmanually. May be you use some of auto-configuration for Polycom 300, 501, 601 modelswhich incompatible with 650?

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    Support of Polycom 650 IP-Phone is implemented in Quadro 5.0.x releases. I personally have Polycom 650 on my desk configured with Quadro via Autoprovisioning. Polycom 330 and 550 IP-Phones are also in our Tested Phone's list for 5.0.x releases.

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