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Thread: Configure RTP Music On Hold for ALL extensions

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    Cool Configure RTP Music On Hold for ALL extensions

    I just went thru the setup for Epygi Media Streamer.

    Problem is, we have quite a few extensions. Is there some way to configure RTP streaming MOH for all extensions at the same time? I'd hate to set this one-by-one. And if client ever wants it switched back, it would either take just as long, or require a config. restore / reboot.

    Am I missing something?

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    Thank you for your feedback, makes perfect sense. We'll add the RTP Channel selection option to "Upload Universal Extension Recordings" page. Having that you will be able to set the RTP streaming MOH for all extensions in one step.

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    thanks! Looking forward to that

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    Is this coming any time soon? Its not fun to have to go in to each and every extension to config this. Something like being able to mass config this how the codec etc can be done would be best. Infact why can't most of the users settings be configurable this way?

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    Hi, it is done and working. The RTP channel for playing Hold Music option has been added to the "Universal Extension Recordings" configuration page started from 5.3 SW version for all Epygi IP PBXs.

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    Thanks Ashot.

    I was confused by the "Upload Universal Extension Recordings" wording of the option. I would suggest dropping the word Upload from the link name.

    For anyone else looking for this. It can be set at (after you've configured your RTP streaming channels)
    Users->Ext Management->Upload Universal Extension Recordings - Hold music -> Edit

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    Thanks, it makes sense. I will suggest this change for incoming SW versions.

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