I was just reading in the Epygi newsletter about the new video and audio conferencing bridge. I understand that it is a bridge (server). How will it work?
I guess that it has to be connected to eg. a Quadro8ML. Only Quadro extensions including softphones (QcmS) will be able to video conference. Outsiders who don't have a quadro extension but may have a video IP phone can not connect. Correct?
Will the softphone be able to do desktop video conferencing where your desktop screen appears on the video. THis requires switching from the mounted webcam to the PC monitor.
I am just wondering how well this will compete with Cisco Webex ($40/mth) or Microsoft Lync.
Yes. video conferencing is a must for the Quadro. Quadro video conferencing is only $100 as one time license fee. So, for internal use, it is cheaper. Epygi is on target. Great job!
I would like to see more details on it and a you tube video, and screen shots. Which IP phones will be tested first? Will it be integrated with MS Outlook 2010 and CRM packages?
Thanks for your help.