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    At ITEXPO East 2011 held February, 2-4, Epygi has introduced company’s new Epygi QX1000 that is capable to support up to 1000 IP extensions. My question is when will it be available and what will be the approximate selling price ?
    This will reduce our proposal (lot of Mx32M) to a customer with 2100 subscriber.


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    I spoke to IT Logiq about pricing and gave them that for you. We have not set exact pricing yet, so I would hate to put out any information on the forum that would change - I am sure you understand.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions - I look forward to helping you win this deal.

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    Thanks. I spoke with IT-Logic last week. I have a few questions :
    1. can the have more than one QX1000 in a network and be considered as one IP-PBX ?
    2. what is the total number of intitial IP users without licences and what will be the value of each increase ?
    3. Are video codecs included and are there any restrictions regarding the number of vieo phones ?
    4. I'm proposing a TelcoBridge gateway with 64 E1 in one box. Is it compatible with Epygi quadro ?

    Thank you and best regards

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