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Thread: registration failure - Timeout occurred

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    Default registration failure - Timeout occurred

    Yesterday, I upgraded my 2x from 0502-1200 to 0502-2800. Everything seemed to be fine, all phones registered again, all outside lines came up and calls worked.

    Then during the night, I lost registrations for two lines - both with the same provider. We initially didn't even notice it until somebody called another number and asked why the main number was offline.

    Looking through the logs I see a bunch of those errors - it seems for the past 24h those lines were never up again. I first figured because all other lines were up and running that it would have something to do with the provider. Then however when I tried running a softphone from my machine and that worked, and I then successfully configured those lines on two of the phones that are most likely to respond to calls from those lines and that worked out just fine (and the registrations are being kept alive) - I now started suspecting the Quadro.

    Seeing that things started going wrong soon after the firmware upgrade, I downgraded again. Reloaded the config (that I backed up before upgrading), but the lines never come up again. Looking at the logs, it seems there's an OPTIONS packet going out every couple dozen of seconds, and then every couple of minutes there's a REGISTER.. and there's no reply to any of them in the logs.

    But the same config works on our Siemens IP DECT, one SPA942, one SPA962 and one Aastra 6739i - all in the same subnet, vlan, behind the same router.

    Unfortunately my support contract with the local supplier is 8/5 and we only noted the problem past business hours today and I'd really like to find a solution before Monday morning so if anybody has any ideas.

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    I did some more testing (seeing as my support contract seems to have run out and I wasn't asked to renew) - I noted that my phones that register just fine all didn't do STUN.. they just did simple NAT keepalive with OPTIONS packets.

    Now, if I turn off "NAT Traversal for SIP", the affected lines come up again with no problems. Seeing as the other lines still work fine, is there a way to selectively turn NAT taversal on or off per outside sip line behind an extension?
    Or, any other ideas on how to make this work across the board without incurring any drawbacks? I'll get in touch with the IPTSP now as well.

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    You can use the NAT Exclusion table and put the IP addresses of those ITSP's into it - selectively bypassing it as it were.


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    I saw that.. but it's IP based only. So if the IPTSP decides to shuffle around their proxy address I'll suddenly be offline again without knowing the better (well.. I now activated email notification for registration issues so I'll notice it more quickly - but when I'm not around it's still going to be a problem).
    DNS Adresses would be more appropriate for such a functionality I think - or should at least be offered as an alternative.

    As I also upgraded my router the same day - I figured maybe it's something in the upgraded router firmware and rolled that back, too - but the issue remains. So that means waiting for the IPTSP to get back to me. I suspect they do their software rollouts at night, too.

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