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Thread: Quadro behind PABX won?t disconnect

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    I have set up a Quadro4x behind an existing PABX PanasonicTD816.The quadro FXO portis hooked to an extension of the existing PABX. I can call into the 4x from any extension on the existing PABX by calling that extension.

    The problem is, if I hangup the call fromthe extension on the panasonicPABX the disconnect tone that my PABX generates is not detected by the Quadro as a disconnect. The quadro just thinks that the tone is someone talking, so it thinks the call is still connected.

    If you are talking to the AA when you hang up the AAwill eventually give up anddisconnect the call from the quadro end because you dont make a selection. But if you call an extension on the quadro and that calls goes to message bank, or if you call relay to someones mobile and that call goes message bank, (or any call for that matter that isn't hung up from the other end)after you hang up, the quadro does not think you have hung up, so the call stays connected and fills the message bank with an engaged tone. The only work around is to make sure that you ** to disconnect the call to the message bank and get back to the AA before you hang up.

    But if you forgett to do this and you have connected to someones message bank and then youhang up, the onlyway to drop the callis to physically unhook the cable connected to FXO port on the quadro.

    The question I'm asking is, can any adjustments be made in the quadro that might help it properly detect the disconnect tone from my PABX?

    I'll also look at seeing if the panasonic PABX can be programmed to drop the call instead of generating disconnect tone.

    Thanks in advance again.



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    I think it is better to report the situation atEpygi Tech.Support, because there are some situations to diagnose with Panasonic PABX. Put the message there entirely as thedescription.

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