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    Default My Quadro M8L

    Hello out there, this is my first time posting.

    I've had my system since September 2010 and I've been having strange Issues with it.
    Not to sure if it's my SIP provider or my system. I get a lot of calls that start out ok and then I can't hear them or they can't hear me. We pick up the phone to call out and it says trying to connect. Other times customers call in and they can't talk to us and they have to re call in.
    We have 2 analog line if I use them they echo a lot. I'm behind a firewall which my IT guy has made sure is tunneled right and we have been watching or band width and it's stable.
    Any Ideas.

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    What telephones are you using and have you used the fxo confguration tool to ensure that the lines are balanced as best as possible ?

    Re : VISP .. have you goggled to see if they are having any issues ?


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