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Thread: CASE: Schedules for AutoAttendant

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    Default CASE: Schedules for AutoAttendant

    Is there anyway to enable or set, in an intuitive mode, (not by program line) schedules for autoattendant? Example from 19:00 to 07:30 the autoattendant “AfterHours” and from 07:31 to 18:59 the autoattendant “Within Working Hours”

    So, because we have problem when we try to enable this lines settings, SomeBody could explain me more details, about how to setting, because we have new with VoIP and we have problems with this lines:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <vxml version="2.0">

    <var name="working_hours" expr="'0'"/>

    <var name="working_days" expr="'0'"/>

    <form id="datetimeform">

    <object name="field1" classid="datetime">


    <if cond="datetime_wday &gt; '1'">

    <if cond="datetime_wday &lt; '7'">

    <assign name="working_days" expr="'1'"/>



    <if cond="working_days == '1'">

    <if cond="datetime_hour &lt; '9'">

    <elseif cond="datetime_hour &lt; '13'"/>

    <assign name="working_hours" expr="'1'"/>

    <elseif cond="datetime_hour &lt; '14'"/>

    <elseif cond="datetime_hour &lt; '18'"/>

    <assign name="working_hours" expr="'1'"/>




    <if cond="working_hours == '1'">

    <prompt> <audio src="attwelcome.wav" /> </prompt>


    <prompt> <audio src="outofoffice.wav" /> </prompt>







    We have QuadroM32x, boot loader: 4.1.12, firmware: 5.2.10,

    Help me please…

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    you have to setup a routing rule for each schedule
    and send all incoming calls to routing


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    Hi, Helspass how to create routing rules?


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    Default Help me please

    Quote Originally Posted by helspass View Post
    you have to setup a routing rule for each schedule
    and send all incoming calls to routing

    Hi Henri

    You can help me set this rule since I'm new in this regard? In advance thank you very much

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    That should give you some pointers.


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