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Thread: Yealink DND /Autoprovision Issue

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    Default Yealink DND /Autoprovision Issue


    I have some Yealink T22P handsets and I'm having trouble getting DND functionality working.

    If I bring the handset up without config/configuring manually, pressing a DND key puts the handset in DND mode. If I provision the handset via the Quadro the button no longer works. I downloaded and compared the config files between a manually configured handset and a working handset, and aside from the different SIP configuration data one section that stood out was:

    Not working (Quadro configured):
    [ Forbidden ]
    DND = 1
    FWD = 1

    Working/icon appears (Manually configured):
    [ Forbidden ]
    DND = 0
    FWD = 0

    This suggests to me the call forwarding (which I haven't tested yet) is also not working.

    I can't find anywhere in the Quadro config that controls this setting in the handset files. Any suggestions?


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    Hello alliancesoftware,
    your suggestions are correct, and changes in configuration done intentionally.
    You see, we do not encourage usage of phone's based services and in particular to use the DND and CFWD functionality of the phone, but instead use the same services of Quadro IP PBX.
    The real problem with services enabled on the phone is that they cannot work in bundle with
    Epygi configured sevices, and in some cases even interfere with functionality of PBX.
    Though in some cases we allow to use DND functionality of the phone, but in parralel phone has some mechanism for notifying Quadro that DND is enabled/disabled, so we enable that service on Qaudro as well. Regarding Call Forwarding - we do not support call forwarding servise enabled on any phone model, but only Quadro based one.
    You can configure DND, that works with Quadro from the IP Line settings. Just go to "Advanced" link for particular IP Line with T22 configured, then for second or thierd line select DND. As a result pressing that button will activate Quadro based DND service. You will see the light blinking if service is active and steady light if not.

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    Thanks for your reply Harutyun, but I'm afraid it doesn't address my issue:

    1. Placing the handset in DND mode without enabling this feature on the Quadro allows the handset to keep a log of missed calls, and the Quadro diverts the call to voicemail. I have tested this functionality by configuring the handset manually and it works fine.

    2. Placing DND functionality on the forbidden list prevents the DND key on the phone from working, no matter how it's configured (either locally, or to dial *72 to enable DND mode on the Quadro).

    Basically with things as they stand now it is not possible to utilize DND functionality in a sensible manner.

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    Yes, that was the intention, prohibit using DND service of handset in any sensible manner, but instead use Quadro based service. If Quadro based service is not working (dialing *72), then this is a bug, and needs to be fixed.
    I agree with "missed calls" statement, but if you have voice-mail, then you can see voice-mail indication on your handset. I do not want to bring specific problems caused by DND on handset, and in some sense auto-configuration reflect the way of our perseption, what work best from our point of view (considering previous experience).
    In any case we already have check-box in auto-configuration templates mechanism to enable embedded DND service of the Yealink phones, but there is no release with that functionality yet. Changing that setting will allow administrator to enable Yealink based DND service for auto-configurable phones ( similar to way done done for Snom IP phones).

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