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Thread: *4 via the click-to-dial interface

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    Red face *4 via the click-to-dial interface

    We have a small office and when we are all out we manually put all 5 phones to unconditional forward to our external answering service.

    We can use the click to dial functionality to put a shortcut with an URL to dial an external number through the click-to-dial feature.

    Is there any way that this interface could be used to virtually dial *4 on an extension by accessing an URL?

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    Well, you cannot dial star-codes via click-to-dial interface... That interface is for calls to real phone numbers only.
    But if you want to be able to easily switch the redirection on/off on many extension at once, you can use other methods. For example you can one of the following:

    1. Configure the system the way that all calls to those extensions go through some routing rules, then use enabler/disabler codes to toggle those rules. This way you can redirect the calls to multiple extension by dialing the enabler or disabler code once from any of those phones.

    2. As you are talking about using click-to-dial, I suppose you have means to easily call web-URLs from an application. Then instead of click-to-dial, use the same application to call the forwarding pages directly using the following:

    to login using default usename "admin" and password "1234" on Quadro giaction=Save

    to enable the forwarding on extension 11 on Quadro after logging in: 1&addrID=10&param=6&cgiaction=Save

    to disable it: 11&addrID=10&param=6&cgiaction=Save

    3. Prepare two legible config files (one - for switching forwarding ON, another for switching it OFF). Use QCC to upload them by few clicks.
    Those files should look like this:
    To disable:
    extension.11.addressmanagement.supservices.(addrID :10).(addr:any;param:UnconditionalCallFrwd).enable _service=
    extension.12.addressmanagement.supservices.(addrID :10).(addr:any;param:UnconditionalCallFrwd).enable _service=


    To enable:
    extension.11.addressmanagement.supservices.(addrID :10).(addr:any;param:UnconditionalCallFrwd).enable _service=ON
    extension.12.addressmanagement.supservices.(addrID :10).(addr:any;param:UnconditionalCallFrwd).enable _service=ON


    This is for extensions 11 and 12. Add other extensions as needed.

    Those as just hints... you can use them if you really need that feature
    I would like to add that I didn't thoroughly tested all that, but some light testing show those methods are working.

    Best regards,

    P.S. Some stupid mechanism in the forum engine adds spaces in the text where they are not supposed to be, and there is no way for me to delete those spaces... So if you copy the above text highlighted in blue, you have to delete all spaces in those lines yourself.

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    Davrays - Thankyou for such a comprehensive response.

    It introduced me to the joys of QCC which I eventually cracked (difficult to spot rogue spaces just next to underscores!)

    The URL approach did not quite work for me yet, I had to change the 'username' part of the command string to 'user' to get any results.

    I tried pasting the command strings one-by-one straight into a browser, but even then I got an 'You are not authorised to view this page' error for the supservices.cgi line. It seems that the first line does not completely log in as admin fully in some way?

    (BTW Omitting login=Login didn't make any difference?)

    We are on firmware 5.2.12.

    I would really like to implement the 2. option if I can, so that I can put a shortcut on each desktop.

    Have you any ideas about what is going wrong?

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    Well, it could give 'You are not authorised to view this page' only if you didn't successfully login. So the problem should be in the first line. Note that changing "username " to "user" could not work, as Quadro expect "username" there..
    Yes, "login=Login" indeed does not make any difference, so you can omit that

    I tried pasting all three commands (after adjusting IP, password, and removing spaces) into the freshly opened browser window, and it worked perfectly...
    What you see after pasting the e to the browser? Did you adjust password?

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    Thanks again Davray

    I'm not sure why I had the problem when I was pasting the lines into the browser, maybe I had left an embedded space or changed "username" to "user", - I was working through a lot of what seemed like possibilities.

    Anyway the problem is resolved for me, I had to insert a wait between sending the login command and the enable_services command, and also to quit the program when repeat testing (between trials) to start a new session (guessing here?).

    So now I have two neat .exe files to set all extensions to either ON or OFF UCF with a double click.


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