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    Default Auto Answer and Put Call on Hold`

    Is it possible for the Quadro 2x to auto-answer a call after a set interval, place the call on hold and allow the operator to pick up the call when they're able?

    We have a small office with one member of staff taking inbound calls. Often, it isn't too busy. Sometimes though we may receive two or three calls at once and struggle to answer them all.

    On our old PSTN system, calls which we didn't answer after 4 rings would automatically be picked up by the system and placed on hold. The caller would hear the on-hold messages. We would have a light on the phone indicating the on-hold call. We could then, when possible, pick up the call.

    I know there is a function on the Quadro 2x which does half of this - our IT technician referred to it as a 'Receptionist Mode'. Any calls which are received when the operator is on an active call are automatically queued. When the current call ends, the phone rings straight away. The problem with this is that there is no visual indication of the new call being on-hold, so you don't know if someone is waiting for you. This might mean you leisurely spend 10 minutes on a call without realising you're not answering other callers.

    Looking forward to hearing of any ideas/suggestions you have.


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    Quote Originally Posted by watertaxis View Post
    Re - IT technician

    Your system can be programmed in a way that the functionality is how you would like it or as close as possible to it.

    You are not asking for brain surgery, but a customisation that does take some time to create and possibly depending on your choices can turn this into a complex call flow.

    I hope they can see through this for you.



    Btw : When you go to a mechanic do you ask the plumber to look at your car ? sometimes this can have the same effect as what you have encountered.

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    Actually, Quadro sends indication about the calls waiting in the queue to AAstra 67 series IP phones. The phone doesn't need to be configured as a receptionist phone to display that information on the screen, it just needs to be configured with the extension having the call queue enabled. The message including Caller ID of a calling party as well as the number of the calls waiting in the queue is being displayed on the phone's screen for a few seconds.
    In case if you don't have the AAstra phones, you can use QCM (Quadro Communication Manager), it also shows the number of calls in the extension's queue.

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    With the Queueing that Hrant was intimating, the problem that exists is the following :

    First call into the group will just receive ring, and will continuously ring due to the way the queue works.

    The method I was speaking of will allow injection of music on hold into a group and at intervals a message can be played with the capacity to make complex dial out selection. The receptionist handset continues to ring or will be notified by the amount of calls to that group whilst the customer can receive a speil on how good your company is whilst the telephone is still ringing. Only problem with this method, means that you need to have 1 x line key for each call that you wish to display with 1 x free line key for being able to transfer the call.



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    Thanks, Kevin, for the reply. The IT technician has his own contractor who does our phones for him, but they seem to chase each others' tails and nothing gets done.

    We use Snom 320 handsets and an Epygi Quadro2x PBX.

    Perhaps I should explain what we're after a bit better.

    We have a number of different incoming lines, which point (at the telco level) to a single VoIP line. We often receive up to 4 calls at once, but we rarely have more than one person answering the phones.

    Before switching to VoIP we had a POTS PBX which--if the operator could not answer the phone within 5 rings--would automatically place incoming calls on hold. Calls on hold would appear on a flashing line light, with associated button to be pressed to pick up the waiting call. Custom On-Hold music would be played to the callers on hold. Additional calls, if they were unanswered, would continue to be automatically placed on call. All handsets on the network would be able see the on-hold calls and be able to answer them from the flashing line light.

    Kevin, if you think you can make this work for us please let me know. I understand you're in Melbourne, but you can probably work remotely (?).

    We would also be interested in a portable 3G connected VoIP solution.

    Please contact me directly through tomhb AT watertaxis com au



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    Default Music on hold on waiting

    We have a similar request from one customer.
    Incoming call to ring one extension (ext 1) for 5 sec, then to ring another extension ext 2) for 15 sec and, if still not answered, the caller to hear message "we are busy and will answer asap bla bla bla" and after the message caller to hear music on hold. Message to be repeated every15-20 sec in between music. While the message and music is played to caller, phones to be ringing on ext 1 and then ext 2 and round until someone finely answer it.
    the closest scenario we managed to create is by using auto attendant, although we couldn't play music on hold and ext 1 and 2 are not ringing while message played to the caller.
    I wouldn't say its something unusual, I have seen this scenario on many systems.
    We have M8L with snoms 370.

    Any ideas how that can be done?


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    Hello watertaxis,
    I can suggest one sullution, spesific for Snom phones, though not sure if it will do all what you need. At least you can try it.
    1. You can create attendant extension on your Quadro (let's say extension 55), select "default" attendant type, upload your greeting, set "enable redirection" check-box, set repeat count to some number, and set "call to" field to your receptionist extension.
    2. on the receptionist extension configure "no-answer forwarding" and "busy forwaring" to your attendant extension (ext 55).
    3. Go to the web GUI of the Snom phone, select "Set Up"-> "Function Keys", and on the one of the programmable keys (let's say P7) select the following fields:
    for "type" column's combo box, select "park+orbit"
    for "number" column's edit box set your attendant extension number (in my example 55)
    press save button.
    Now all calls that will not be answered by your receptionist will go to attendant (extension 55), and on your P7 button you will see blinking light. You can have simulataneously many calls on that extension (ext 55), but you at least will see blinking light that tells you about waiting calls for receptionist. Pressing blinking button will answer the first call, that came to ext. 55. If there are number of calls, the lamp on the P7 button will continue blinking. So you will know that other calls are waiting. Pressing button again will cause second call to be answered ...
    Limitation of this approach is the following. Calls from local extensions (PBX extensioins) to attendant ( ext 55) cannot be answered by pressing the button on the Snom phone (so it will not work for local calls to receptionist), but PSTN calls (FXO calls), remote SIP, ITSP sould work in this scenario.

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    Some additon to avoid confusion.
    For point 3 in my previous post - that Snom phones is the phone of receptionist.

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    Hello Roman,
    the scenario is quite different for your case, but is quite possible to implement.
    Here are the steps to do:
    I suppose that you have 2 extensions, that need to be ringed one after another. Let's say they are extensions 53 and 54.
    1. create new virtual extension (let's say extension 80).
    on that extension:
    a) disable voicemailbox on that extension (Press "edit" and then go to "Voice Mailbox settings" and disable it.
    b) on the "Caller ID based Services" for "any addresses" enable "call hunting" service and add extensions 53 and then 54 with time-outs for ringing you need.
    c) on the page where you enabled service set "Cyrcular Mode" check-box.

    2. create new attendant extesnion (let's say extension 79). On that extension:
    a) set "enable redirection on time-out" check-box
    b)set "recurring attendant repetition count" to 1
    c)set "call type" to PBX
    d) set "call to" to 80
    e) disable welcome message and upload your own recurring messages (can upload short files with no voice in it)
    f)set check-box "enable ringing announcement" and upload your own message "we are busy bla-bla-bla..." with some music present in that message after the speech.

    3. either modify extension 53 caller id based services, or create new virtual extension (let's say 81) , and modify caller id based services. Enable call hunting for "any address" and add to the list the following extensions 53, then 54, then add "attendant" 79.

    4. you incoming call should go to extension 81

    as a result incoming call will go to extension 81, and will ring at first extension 53, then extension 54, then will be redirected to attendant 79.
    Here user will hear your custom message "we are busy bla-bla-bla" and then music recorded on that same message. Meanwhile system will make calls to extension 80, which will activate call hunting to extension 53 then 53 cyclicly. But user will hear your recorded message untill somebody answers the call.
    If you will not disable voice mailbox on extension 80, then after 20 seconds call will go to voice mailbox of that extension, and hunting will be stopped.

    Hopefully this will help

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