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Thread: CASE: FROM EXTERNAL CALL, DISPLAY SHOW “ anonymous@anonymous”

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    Default CASE: FROM EXTERNAL CALL, DISPLAY SHOW “ anonymous@anonymous”

    The service of Caller ID on my provider telephony is enable, but we can`t see the number from call incoming. We have QuadroM32x, boot loader: 4.1.12, firmware: 5.2.10, SoftPhone QCM v: 4.1.18, and IP Phone Aastra modelo 6731i firmware

    Somebody help me please,

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    Check the "From" header of SIP INVITE message received from provider, what it shows?

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    Hi hrant thanks for you answer, but where I place "SIP INVITE"?, thanks

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    where the call comes from, from SIP/ITSP or PSTN/E1?

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    Hi Hrant, when the call comes only shows "anonymous@anonymous", my configuration is R2DMTF outgoing calls only and R2COMPELLED incoming calls only

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    i'm afraid i cannot help you. Need to ask too many questions and this formum is not good place for that. Could you ask your dealer to help you? Ontherwise, submit the ticket to Epygi's technical support with detailed description of the problem and corresponding logs downloaded from Quadro.

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