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    I'm trying to auto-provision Yealink T22P handsets on a Quadro M32X. So far this is working quite well except for Remote Phonebook functionality.

    I've put the URL for my phone book in the Phone Template, assigned the template to a line and the phone is picking up the configuration, but does not display the Remote Phonebook.

    If I log into the web interface of the phone, I can see the URL has been added to the Remote Phonebook list, but not assigned a name. If I assign a name manually the list displays, so it seems like the Yealinks require Remote Phonebooks to have a name, but the Quadro doesn't have a field for a name, just a URL.

    Has anyone else had this problem and solved it, or have any suggestions?


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    Hi alliancesoftware,
    Thanks for indicating the problem with Phonebook. Clearly this need to be fixed and name field will be added in the upcoming releases of Quadro firmware.

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    Thanks for that Harutyun, glad to help. Looks like that might not be the only issue with provisioning Yealink handsets though - please take a look at

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