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    With Quadro 2X with 5.2.12 firmware and SPA942 phones, sometimes, the user can't get voicemail messages with the normal procédure "*0", the quadro plays a message " Functionnality not availlable for the time being", the quadro has to reboot
    How to silve this issue ?

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    Turn on Developer logging on the Quadro firstly, then I would sugest that when that problem occurs I would download the logs in full and send them to the reseller / distributor with a description of what is happening. I also would suggest to download the configuration and greetings etc.. and also send those to them.

    That would be the best procedure unless Epygi know of the resolution to your problem beforehand.

    PS .. there is a newer version of firmware ( 5.2.26 ) for the 2x and 2xi coming out soon that might address your problem if known as well as several others that I personally have encountered.



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