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Thread: Command line Dialler for CRM Systems Click to Dial

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    Default Command line Dialler for CRM Systems Click to Dial

    Command line Dialler for CRM Systems Click to Dial

    This is a basic app that works on XP and Windows 7.
    If your CRM system has a Click to dial feature where you can select the app and the command string then this will work for you and your Quadro.

    ** NO 3PCC Licence Needed **

    This application Is currently being used on the TRIS CRM Platform.

    Download Quadro Dial app Here

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    Jason Loeken
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    There Is Now a New Version.....

    - A Pupup is displayed to show the number that you are calling.

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    New Version Soon...

    This will have a skype like function so you can use your click to dial on Cloud CRM applications.

    This will also work on any webpage with phone numbers.

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