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Thread: Connection Type [STUN/ NAT Traversal]

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    I have this kind of connection problem :

    Detected connection type: Full Cone NAT (external IP:
    -Quadro work fine no problem

    Then after the STUN re-register I got this

    Detected connection type: Symmetric NAT (external IP:
    - Can't Work

    My Quadro sit behind Router
    I used port forwarding at my router side
    ADSL connection with dynamic IP address
    Activate DynDNS at router side

    What possible make the connection type change ?
    is it because of STUN server ? (I used

    Is there anyway to make the connection type stable ?

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    I had the same problem when I installed my Quadro16x and I didn't found anybody solve this, I didn't know if cause was my router, then I put the Quadro16x in first point (in place older router) and put a fix and valid ip, this way fix my problem.


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    but still it didn't solve the main problem.

    Is there any Admin in the forum that can help me with this issue ?

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    Is your Quadro getting an IP address on the WAN side via DHCP from your router?

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    Most probably the real NAT type in this situation is "Symmetric NAT" and so the second detection result is correct.

    STUN could falsely detect "Full Cone NAT" after, lets say, an outgoing call, which opens some temporary mappings.

    To fix the situation, you need to open static mappongs on the firewall/router for SIP and RTP ports.

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