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Thread: Quadro 2x + 8 snom M3 phones

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    Default Quadro 2x + 8 snom M3 phones

    Hi all,

    I have been working on setting up a phone system consisting of a Quadro 2X with a snom M3 gateway and 8 attached phones. Everything looks great, I have my phones autoconfigured and my VoiP carrier registered (

    I can dial out on every phone without a problem. Where I do have a problem is incoming calls - trying to call the assigned number results in silence and sometimes just a short series of tones.

    I know my system is registered with my Voip carrier - what am I missing?

    Any help greatly appreciated.



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    If you used the "VoIP Carrier Wizard" to configure the SIP trunk to ITSP then it should have created a virtual extension receiving the calls from ITSP. The received calls are then forwarded to a real extensions you've configured in the "Route Incoming Calls to:" field of the ""VoIP Carrier Wizard". If you want one of your M3 phones to receive the inbound calls from ITSP then set that extension's number in "Route Incoming Calls to:" field.
    I hope it helps.

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    Thanks hrant!
    I did use the VoIP wizard and it created virtual extension 99. All my phones are attached through gateway sharing IP Line 1 with extension 13 - when autoconfiguring the snoms, they all automatically shared a single MAC address and IP.

    Through VoIP wizard I then created the trunk on extension 99 and to route incoming calls to extension 13. I do want all phones to ring at the same time and have user pick up any phone to receive/make a call.Is there an error in my logic?



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    Did you try to call to your SnomM3 extension (ext.13) from some analogue phone or other extension? For example plug some analogue phone to one of the FXS ports on Quadro and try to call to ext.13.
    It is just interesting if all settings were set by the Quadro on the SnomM3 correctly. And if the call will ring and connect with Snoms handsets correctly than it means there could be some error in the calls with your ITSP. Can you try to forwards the call from your 99 extension to your analogue phone (ext.11 or ext.12) and see if there will be any problem in that case also.


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    I have a similar installation, but I use one IP Line for each M3 phone, of course they all register with the IP adress of the snom base.
    see IP Line registration status below

    snom230 28-01-2011 08:39:55 4 min 56 sec
    snom240 28-01-2011 08:38:52 3 min 53 sec
    snom250 28-01-2011 08:38:36 3 min 37 sec
    snom260 28-01-2011 08:39:23 1 min 24 sec
    snom270 28-01-2011 08:38:02 3 min 3 sec
    snom280 28-01-2011 08:38:59 2 min 0 sec
    snom300 28-01-2011 08:38:42 3 min 43 sec
    snom310 28-01-2011 08:39:29 2 min 30 sec

    on the M3 base station, you'll get :

    SIP Identity Status:
    Identity 1 Status: snom230@ OK
    Identity 2 Status: snom240@ OK
    Identity 3 Status: snom250@ OK
    Identity 4 Status: snom260@ OK
    Identity 5 Status: snom270@ OK
    Identity 6 Status: snom280@ OK
    Identity 7 Status: snom300@ OK
    Identity 8 Status: snom310@ OK

    and assign Handset1 to Identity 1 only , handset 2 to Identity 2, etc..


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