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    Default anonymous outgoing calls


    We've got an strange problem. Maybe is a misconfiguration but we don't understan very well de behaviour.

    We use ISDN and E1/T1 gateways with an Asterisk PBX. In both cases qe have the same problem.

    The issue is:

    -If we make an outgoing call from asterisk with CLID="" the Epygi does the call with the head DID of the E1/T1 or ISDN connection. "We don't touch inbound CLID in the gateway"

    -If we do an outgoing call from Asterisk with CLID="123456789" and in the Epygi gateway do an "Inbound Caller ID Modification" we have a call as "anonymous".

    Our provider let us making outgoing calls as "anonymous".

    So... if you have any idea..


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    There might be several reasons of such behavior (P-Asserted Identity selection,default outgoing Caller ID,...)
    It will be fine if you can send systemlogs (open ticket,...) so we can check the configuration, ISDN logs.


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    Ok, I guess I found another form to configure it.

    I have to check "Discard Non-Numeric Symbols" in CallRouting, and then in Asterisk choose in which calls CLID will be hidden.

    Viewing ISDN logs I found that "localUser.UserName" has to be blank but Asterisk sends "asterisk" as username for a call with CLID="". So if Epygi founds something as username puts a CLID to a call.

    Can I put something like "anonymous" in the CLID to tell Epygi that is a hidden call? (Without Discard Non-Numeric Symbols check I mean).


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    Well, without any Caller ID modification in call routing, from ISDN Settings (or E1T1 Settings) you may select "Override CLID with P-Asserted-Identity" checkbox.
    Then if the SIP INVITE message contains "anonymous" in From field Quadro may take Caller ID from P-Asserted-Identity field(if it is not empty) and send restricted Caller ID flag to ISDN(E1T1) with hidden Caller ID.

    You may attach part of SIP logs with INVITE message and part of ISDN logs (from OnMakeCall ...) to be more clear.


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