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Thread: M32x Vlan Issue

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    Unhappy M32x Vlan Issue


    I setup vlan and vlan dhcp on M32x with aastra phones
    phone got Dhcp lease from Vlan and work fine

    BUT when the firewall is active, the ipphone no more register !
    when switching firewall off , it works again

    had somebody else encountered this problem ?


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    Hi Henry,

    Could you please provide additional information?
    - You have activated VLAN on LAN or WAN interface.
    - firmware version


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    vlan was activated on LAN
    FW : 5.2.12

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    Hi Henry

    Well, this is known issue and should be included for the next public versions.
    I suppose 5.2.30 and higher.


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    thanks artur

    i'll test that , once available


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