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Thread: Voice Mail Codec through Email

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    How do I change the Voice Mail codec used when sending a voice mail message as an attachment.

    I tried different codecs under "Voice Mail Common Settings", but they were all received as ULAW codecs.

    ULAW codec is not compatible when I try to play it on a Windows Mobile 5 device.

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    While I do not Epygi's voice mail for a bunch of reasons I will not get into. I use Broadvoice as my VoIP provider and use thier voice mail along with this free service converts audio into several optional codecs. I use MMS to my cell phone and it works very well.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Ghutton,

    I would like the list of the things you would like changed on the Epygi VM system. It is the only way we can have changes.
    1. I am frustrated with fighting with codecs. Where do i download them for my users for Media Player?
      Voicemail navigation. Its toocomplicated, and there is no FFWD or REWIND. i want to have it the same as our Mobility provider (if that requires me to customize it so be it).
      Want common voicemail for 5 extensions (many ext ringing) with simple retrieval >*0 then password from any of themultiple ext's


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    Well, thanks for suggestions.

    But I never though somebody could have problems with PCMU: it is included by deafult almost everywhere. Thats why Quadro doesn't let to configure the codec of the "VM to email" - it is fixed to PCMU, and nobody else had a problem with that.

    VM navigation has FWD and REWIND - you can go back and forth using "4" and "6" buttons. Or you mean navigation inside the single message?

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    Anyway, we are working on some redesign of ourVM system. Not sure when it will be included.

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