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Thread: Conditions - for FXO Status

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    Default Conditions - for FXO Status

    Hi there,

    Just a quick one - what the heck is meant when you see ""Temporary Unavailable"
    Fxo is off.
    " in the call stats ?

    What are the conditions to trigger that information?


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    do you see that message on the WEB GUI Call Statistics or in downloaded file? in which column?


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    In the statistics pages - or was. I actually think I found a bug.. gave the information to Alloy to pass your way..

    When you have less than 6 lines on the 6L and select ANY line for a call route it would appear that the FXO is off is displayed in the call statistics.

    Under the Unsuccessful statistics from memory.

    I rectified that by unchecking the ANY fxo line and specified the line ports that were actually active.

    Does that make sense?


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    please pass your information to Alloy along with the logs indicating for which call you are getting that message in Call Statistics.


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