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    Is it possible to have 2 messages in one virtual mailbox when using a M8L?

    The situation is a pharmacy with a mailbox for doctors. During business hours they would like one message, during after hours they would like another. The problem is with 2 separate mailboxes we would not be able to project the message onto a phone. We are using Snom 370 phones and one of the programable button light will light up.

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    Yes it is possible - just use the call routing - have 2 x call destinations and send those to 2 different virtual extensions with the same extension as the end mail box / phone. The recording in the voicemail of the phone would either be generic or just a second of silence for the greeting.

    The virtual extnesions would be providing the day or night messaging and also other functionality you may need.

    Use an Auto Attendant for the Night message so that you can provide an overflow to the voicemail of the phone.

    I have just skimmed over the technical details and finer points, but it is possible to perform.


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    you can consider also using the voice mail "profiles" (Voice Mail Settings -> Profiles for Voice Mail Settings). You can create two different profiles with different voice mail greetings, etc. Then use the time based call routing records sending the call to the voice mail box of the same extension with appropriate profile.

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