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Thread: 6L latest Firmware - not Keymode

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    Default 6L latest Firmware - not Keymode

    Hey there I have a 6L with SIP trunks and PSTN style trunks.

    When they call out via the FXO ports 1 to 4 ( not keymode operation ), frequently they receive a busy tomne and in the unsuccessful statistics it shows the following wording :

    "Temporary Unavailable"
    Fxo is off.

    Why is that happening? I have sent Alloy the same information but they are at a loss as to why and have not seen this before. Any help would be appreciated oh Quadro Gurus'



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    "FXO is off" means that the FXO is disabled from FXO Settings GUI page and CR was configured to send the call through that FXO.

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    Hmm .. ok - see the other post.

    It would appear that for a call route to any available line is a problem when you dont have a line connected.

    Bug ? undocumented feature ?


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