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Thread: Call Forwarding on Virtual Extension.

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    Default Call Forwarding on Virtual Extension.

    Hi guys,

    I am programming a clients quadro 16Xi, which has a Virtual extension (4200) for incoming call welcome message, Reception extension is 210.

    However, they need to be able to set the "unconditional call forward" on virtual extension 4200 when reception is unmanned. Since there is no handset on the virtual extension they need to be able to do this from the reception extension itself (201).

    I know this works:-

    1) dial "00" and wait for answer.
    2) dial "*4" and wait for login prompt.
    3) dial "4200#" and wait for password prompt.
    4) dial "1352#"

    Then set extension for forwarding and toggle as required.

    My question is, can the sequence above (steps 1 to 5) be grouped together somehow so the receptionist does not have to wait for an answer and enter the login & password. Maybe even then program the complete sequence for loggin in onto a function button. So the receptionist hits one button, then enters forwarding number and toggles as required.

    Any help or suggestions much appreciated.


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    *cough* see my post RTP AUDIO *cough*

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