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Thread: Can't edit extension configs remotely.

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    Default Can't edit extension configs remotely.

    Guys I hope someone out there can help me.

    I have a quadro 16Xi running Firmware Version: 5.1.39/Release. I can log into the unit remotely accross the internet with no problem.

    However if i try to edit the config for any virtual extentions (Users --> Extensions Management--> tick box next to virtual extension and then select edit) the system throws me out back to the login screen.

    I have looked at the user rights management page and all seems to be in order there, but I simply cannot see why it won't let me edit the extensions.

    I have tried from various locations, using different internet accounts and browsers with the same result, so I assume that it has to be something I've not set correctly on the Quadro.

    Any help much appreciated, It's driving me nuts.

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    I figured out a way to get into the extension configs eventually. Instead of using the http://myquadroaddress method I simply used the https://myquadroaddress method.

    Voila, full control to all pages as expected.

    Though I'd still like to know what is different in this quadro to other 16Xi's running the same software.

    Anyway, hopefully this may get someone out of a hole.


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    I suppose this has to do with ISP's in South Africa. I have listened about similar weird Quadro http connection problems, but all of them were from South African customers. It looks like the traffic in your country goes through some common caching servers... Something that kind, at least
    You can try http proxy sites like to see if you can connect through them.

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