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    Default find/follow and Pickup

    Hi , I found following misworking
    - using Quadro 2x Fw 5.1.39 ( 32M Flash )
    - find me / follow me activated with current extension and SIP number destinatin
    - find / follow works well , both local extension and remote number ring together

    PB1 : it's impossible to pick-up the call from another extension
    error message when dialing the pick-up extension : extension doesn't exist
    ( but it works when "find me" is deactivated )

    PB2 : the called extension is monitored on an aastra 57i with BLF button assigned
    the assigned BLF button is blinking , but the call cannot be intercepted
    when pressing the BLF button , "00" is displayed and call fails
    ( if find me is deactivated, pressing the BLF button intercepts the incoing call which
    caller Id is displayed )

    it seems to be a bug


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    Hi Henri,

    Yes, this is a known bug mentioned in the release notes for Quadro2x as the item "15942
    It is impossible to pickup (via pickup group or extension watching) the call to extension with Find Me/Follow Me enabled"


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