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Thread: VPN between draytek and quadro

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    Default VPN between draytek and quadro

    We have a few snom 800 phones on a remote network connecting to quadro as remote extensions and it doesnt work very well - phones loosing registration, audio doesnt always work so we decided to run VPN between remote subnet and quadro to connect phones as local extensions. Quadro has got public address on WAN. We have a draytek 2820 on remote site and I tried different ways to vpn but none worked.
    So if anyone created VPN connection between draytek router and quadro can you share the config details please.


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    Hey Roman,

    I have successfully setup an IPSec VPN (LAN to LAN) between a Vigor 2820 and a Quadro 16xi on a Public IP. The VPN is initiated by the Vigor, but once it is up it will reconnect automatically if it drops from any side.

    On the Quadro, the first setting is Auto Keying with the following parameters:

    Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
    / Encryption-------------->Triple DES
    / Authentication---------->MD5
    / Diffie-Hellman Group-->Group 2 (1024 bit)

    Encapsulated Security Payload (ESP)
    / Encryption-------------->Triple DES
    / Authentication---------->MD5

    Automatic keying
    • Shared Secret---------->xxxxxxxx

    IPSec Connection Properties
    • Static IP / Remote Gateway
    / Remote Gateway--------->Static IP or FQDN of Vigor
    • Local Subnet <> Remote Subnet
    // Remote Subnet IP------->the IP address of the remote network /24 for a Class C
    // Local Subnet IP---------->the IP address of the local network /24 for a Class C

    On the Vigor side, the Call Direction is set to Both, but only the Dial-Out settings are filled:

    Type of Server I am calling
    • IPSec Tunnel

    Server IP/Host Name for VPN
    / Static IP or FQDN of Quadro

    IKE Authentication Method
    • Pre-Shared Key---------->xxxxxxxx

    IPSec Security Method
    • High(ESP)---------------->3DES with Authentication

    TCP/IP Network Settings
    / Remote Network Mask----->the subnet mask of the remote network
    / Local Network IP----------->the LAN IP of the Vigor router
    / Local Network Mask-------->the subnet mask of the local network

    RIP Direction------------------>Disable
    From first subnet to remote network, you have to Route

    This is in a nutshell the setup of the VPN. Let me know if it works for you. Otherwise send me a PM, and I will try to help you remotely.

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