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Thread: Quadro 4x very bad WAN performance

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    Default Quadro 4x very bad WAN performance

    Quadro 4x with model # ending in 0103-0101
    Comcast Cable

    See attached screenshots - when using Quadro as the internet gateway, PCs on the lan get 0.75 mbit down and 1.8 mbit up.

    Thru a $20 netgear router, PCs get 21mbit down and 5.6mbit up.

    I understand that Quadro WAN ports are 10mbit half duplex, but I think something is wrong here. The main problem is that call performance (thru Sotel) is unusable.

    The problem began when we switched from DSL to Cable. Via DSL, the Quadro was performing as expected. The cable modem shows proper 10mbit / half negotiation. Just to be sure, I have also tried placed the quadro behind a router or switch, but no improvement.

    Quadro is running latest 5.2.12 release. As a side note, it looks like the netphycfg.cgi is blocked now in this new release.

    What else can I do? I've implemented 16x and 32x quadros on cable and they worked great...
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    What QOS do you use ?

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    The correct name of the hidden page for configuring the network interface is "networkphycfg.cgi". Be aware that Quadro WAN doesn't support auto negotiation mode and if you change it to full duplex you have to do the same on your switch manually. From hardware perspective, Quadro4x is exactly the same as Quadro16x (minus 12 FXS ports) and therefore there should not be any throughput difference between them. Please check in your network what may cause the problem.

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