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Thread: Quadro Lifeline Feature

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    Default Quadro Lifeline Feature

    Dear Epygi Customer,

    As we plan to make changes to our products, Epygi will reach out to our active public and ask for comments on possible changes. Currently we are evolving the Quadro2x to upgrade some components and performance. There is a specific request to eliminate the Lifeline feature on all current Quadro2x products.

    Do you feel we can remove this feature?
    How many deals have you closed because this feature exists?
    Do you ever receive direct requests for a Lifeline ability?

    Thank you for your feedback. We will update you with the results later this year.

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    Q./ Do you ever receive direct requests for a Lifeline ability?

    It is a selling point that I use when customers are needing assurance - not all countries can rely on internet based connectivity as others can.

    So given our VISP's are providing DSL/WIFI style connectivity it means that this feature is useful.

    You see, here in Australia - internet connectivity goes up and down more than a thermometer does during the course of a week ... so internet based VoIP connectivity can not be relied upon currently


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    Hi Warren,
    I must agree with Kevin on this. A lifeline feature is a major selling point here in Australia.

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    Daryl puts his asbestos suit on to insulate against flames.

    For a 2x/2xi
    If an emergency phone is required in the event of power-outage or Internet outage, either a standard PSTN phone paralleled with the PSTN line or a PSTN phone plugged into a NT1PlusII provides a lifeline function.

    (NT1PlusII is an ISDN termination device with 2 POTS outlets)

    I don't think a lifeline function is required in the PABX as it can be achieved easily with existing infrastructure.

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    just a heads up matey, ISDN2 is being discontinued soonish...T I hear has ear marked it for removal because of the geographic space it takes up in the exchanges. ISDN 10/PSTN/TPIT will be the replacements.

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    Sounds about right, nobody knows about ISDN2 if you try to order it from Telstra now.

    VoIP Providers and Internet links are pretty reliable now. I've rolled out pure IP Quadro 2x units now, so a lifeline function is obsolete now.

    Usually I have 2 Internet links with different providers/infrastructure.
    In the event of an Internet failure, can manually configure for the other Internet link.

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    2 x internet links and providers ... Daryl check out Voxcom, they have some very reliable business IP Trunks at cheaper rates than that of the well named brands, their own private network that gets extended to the customers door - no internet best effort excercises.



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    Thank you all for the feedback. We will update everyone as soon as we make a firm decision. Thank you again.

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