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Thread: Reading VM of Virtual Extension

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    Default Reading VM of Virtual Extension

    I have a MER group which is Ext 799 and I wish my users to be able to listen to message on it so if I call from 818 to 00 and then put in extension 799 the MER group ring and someone answers is it possible to call direct to a VM box from another extension ?

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    You can call direct to a voice mail box from any extension, it requires a call routing entry. For example I have a test setup here when I want to call from extension 12 to extension 22's voice mail I just dial 2222 22 being the prefix for routing to a voice mail box.

    Add a new call routing entry, destination number pattern for mine is 22??? (three question marks being how long my extensions are in digits), number of discarded symbols is 2, and the destination type is PBX-Voicemail.

    I'm by no means an expert, I just fiddle with things till they work. This works for me, give it a try if you like.

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