I know this is well trodden ground, but after following all the threads I still can't figure it out.

We use ISDN/Quadro 2xi/Snom 360s firmware 5.2.12 and Snom 7.3.27 FW.

Whatever I do to enable Unconditional Forwarding in Supplementary Services/Caller ID based services, it will never appear as anything but 'OFF'. We have a setting for 'No Answer' forwarding and that works as advertised, and is shown as 'ON' when it is enabled.

Our objective is to route all calls to our external receptionist service when the office is empty. Ideally I would program a button on each phone to redirect instantly to the receptionist service, but trying the redirect using the Snom doesn't work either.

One answering post suggests 'In call routing is 9021763037 an emtry that does not have the filter rule applied if not make an entry and allow the rule' and maybe this leads to the answer but I cannot decipher it - could any body clarify what it is trying to tell us?