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    Default Unconditional Call Forward

    I know this is well trodden ground, but after following all the threads I still can't figure it out.

    We use ISDN/Quadro 2xi/Snom 360s firmware 5.2.12 and Snom 7.3.27 FW.

    Whatever I do to enable Unconditional Forwarding in Supplementary Services/Caller ID based services, it will never appear as anything but 'OFF'. We have a setting for 'No Answer' forwarding and that works as advertised, and is shown as 'ON' when it is enabled.

    Our objective is to route all calls to our external receptionist service when the office is empty. Ideally I would program a button on each phone to redirect instantly to the receptionist service, but trying the redirect using the Snom doesn't work either.

    One answering post suggests 'In call routing is 9021763037 an emtry that does not have the filter rule applied if not make an entry and allow the rule' and maybe this leads to the answer but I cannot decipher it - could any body clarify what it is trying to tell us?


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    Hey Steve,
    Do you have the incoming calls ringing at one extn then call fwding or in a MER Group?

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    Hi Steve,

    How you are trying to enable Unconditional Forwarding - using the GUI settings under Supplementary Services/Caller ID based services, or using the feature code *4 on the phone handset?

    Are you trying to enable Unconditional forwarding in Supplementary Services/Caller ID based services for “Any Address”, or for a specific address?


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    Mike & Ashot thanks for the swift responses

    I am initially trying to set this up entirely with Epygi under Supplementary Services/Caller ID based services, hoping to implement the 'toggle via handset' *4 later if/when successful.

    We don't use MER, the extensions are each set up to forward to a 'reception' Extn 20 within the office on 'No Answer' after 5 seconds. I would like to be able to set them up to instantly transfer an incoming DDI call to an external service when we are not here.


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    No idea how it may happen if after activating unconditional call forwarding in GUI the status doesn't changed to "ON". So please do the following. Try it once more then download the system logs attach to this case


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    Hey Steve,
    So your senario is something like this;
    Ext 999 (sip trunk) in unconditionally fwd'd to ext 21 (first ans posn).
    Ext 21 is call fwd no ans to extn 20 (reception) after 5 secs.
    this works yes?
    Can you try going to extn 21 and setting unconditional fwd to your required number (ring the number from the extn first to verify routing), save, and don't forget to then tick the enable box on the next screen and save again.
    If this fails, I agree with Ashot, save and send the log's.

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    Default Unconditional Call Forward

    Ashot & Mike

    Our scenario is;

    An incoming ISDN trunk call ending 8951 is forwarded to extension 21 using the call routing table.

    Ext 21 is set to Call Forward on No Answer to extension 20 (reception) after 5 seconds.

    This works.

    In Caller ID Based Services I have an entry for Call type PSTN with Address *.

    Clicking on the entry in addresses 'PSTN-*' (Where 'No Answer Call Forwarding' is shown as 'ON'), I can highlight No Answer Call Forwarding which is set to Forward to PBX-20 - at that works fine.

    When I highlight 'Unconditional Call Forwarding' it displays State: Enabled, Forward to: PSTN-902075543860 (I have experimented with and without the 9 prefix). However if I set it to Unconditional CF to PBX-20 it still won't go 'ON'.

    For the moment toggle from handset is not checked.

    Even if I Disable No Answer CF and Enable Unconditional CF they still appear as ON and OFF on the Caller ID Based Services page (after refresh). I then get an error message when I look at No Answer CF - "No enabled record exists in the table. To activate the service, there should be at least one record enabled." even though Unconditional CF shows as enabled (but will not display as ON).

    So the problem is that Unconditional CF just won't Enable/go ON.

    When I try to attach the systemlogs.tar.gz.gz (220K) file to this message it is reported as an invalid file. Maybe it's too big - is there any particular part which would be interesting? - I can un'Ark it with Linux.

    Steve Marshall

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    I have got our simple system working as intended, with guidance from Ashot Arakelyan (Tx)

    I looks like the only way to enable full *4 functionality (switching UCF ON/OFF & changing the forwarding number from the handset) is to create another (dummy) service (eg PBX-*) with UCF set up and with ‘Toggle from Handset’ enabled, in order to get the UCF setup under “Other Addresses” to work as intended. It seems you should also have a similar dummy service set up for SIP if you use it - which we don't.

    The actual forwarding number you put in for the PBX-* redirect makes no difference to what actually happens to incoming calls.

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