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Thread: Call dropped after 10 secs!

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    I have the Quadro FXO (6 RJ11 ports and 2 RJ45's 'LAN/WAN' ports), everything works well, except, when calling from an outside the office, the auto attendant picks up the call, then, when dialed the extension, it actually RINGS that extension, but nothing happens on the caller side, no ringing nothing, then all the sudden it drops the call with a message "party is unavailable". How do I go about this? How do I make it actually wait more? Thanks.

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    By default it is designated to have the QuadroFXO on the LAN side of a Quadro4x/16x i.e. the WAN port of the QuadroFXO is connected to the LAN port of the Quadro4x/16x. This connection allowes QuadroFXO to get IP address from the Quadro4x DHCP server and regulates the traffic between those devices.

    I suppose you have another Quadro like 2x, 4x or 16x. I may suggest to use Sharing Modeof the FXO Settings. This regulates the traffic between devices.

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