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Thread: m32x conference server setup

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    Unhappy m32x conference server setup

    Hi All,

    This will be my first attempt in setting up a conference server on the 32x. Could anyone help me with this as i have no clue on how this works.

    I have read the manual but i does not explain how it works!


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    First of all you need a licence key to activate the conference server. Then you have to go the Conferneces-conference Management menu to add a conference. Define the SIP address for the added conference. After go to the confernece properties-new participants configuration and allow a number of new participants to join the conference.
    That's it. Now when dialing internally the conference number, or externally the conference SIP address you will connect and join the conference.

    Ask questions if any


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    Most of the calls will be external. I have created a sip account...waiting to be activated.

    Hope it works!

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