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Thread: 6 Port FXO Expansion Unit Query.

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    Default 6 Port FXO Expansion Unit Query.


    I have added a 6 Port Epygi FXO Expansion unit to a clients Quadro 16xi. By default these lines add a dialing rule 9?*

    Is there any way I can change these "Access Digits" to 0?* as this is what the client wants. There seems to be no way (that I can find) to change it or delete the default rule.

    Maybe I could set up some sort of routing rule?

    Any suggestions much appreciated.


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    Go back through the system config wizard and instead of leaving 9 for outside line .. just use the drop down and set it to blank.. and continue to the end..

    Then go back into your call routing and add the route that you need... either *?, nds=0, Route type-FXO, Any@any, type pbx* ... done ..

    or substitue the *?,nds=0 for 0*?, nds=1

    Then anytime they dial anything apart from the extensions it will put the calls out via the above rule...


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    As usaul you save my bacon. Thanks a million, very simple once you know how.



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