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Thread: Could not register user on - timeout error occurred

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    Unhappy Could not register user on - timeout error occurred

    Every day all my snom handsets get the following error at some stage, usually all together but not always, and appears to be random times.

    Could not Register user xxxxxxx on server Reason: Timeout occurred.
    and approx 20s later i get -
    Successfully registered user xxxxxx on server

    if the error occurs during a call it cuts it off. In the most recent case there was an error immediately before the top one saying - STUN port detection failure 6054;

    All this seems to point to me that ports are being blocked or something.
    my nat traversal settings are set to on port 3478.

    On my vigor 2600 router i have open ports set on TCP 5060-5065 and UDP 5060-5065, and UDP 6000-6099 to point at the quadro ip address. there is no DMZ or port redirection set.
    perhaps the vigor2600 is too old and long in the tooth for SIP ?

    Can anyone advise - is this a handset thing or is it a nat issue?
    I do see the message "Port Restricted Cone NAT" on the "SIP registration status" page.

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    Are you using the Epygi's SIP service for registering your SNOM phones directly?

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    yes. I can see all the extensions listed and registered on the epygi list when i log in, so i know they do actually register. Just very annoying being kicked off a call every now and then. When i go to the events i can see it is because of the timeout error/de-registering. sometimes there is a stun port error just before the timeout. possible that the broadband service blinks?

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    Do you have any Epygi Quadro device in your scenario?

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    Hi, I have the same issues across 3 devices on separate networks, all at the same time.

    Is it coincidence that is getting timeouts? Is it getting a DoS attack?

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    hello, I have a problem with my DHCP Quadro 4x when I activate the DHCP seveur Quadro, it tells me that my server does not normally Started.
    What could be causing the problem and how to solve it?
    Thank you for your understanding

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