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Thread: Calling missed calls from Snom 300

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    Question Calling missed calls from Snom 300

    Hi All

    Users want to be able to use the missed calls feature on the Snom 300 to call back users. However the calls are logged as 012345678@ (where 012345678 is the phone number and is the IP address of our SIP trunk providers SIP server)

    All calls are proxied through the Quadro 4x and I know creating the rule with an inbound pattern of 0* will grab the call for the correct route but I cannot figure out how to get rid of the @ from the string sent from the Snom phone.

    I am sure I am missing something simple but I have got to that point where I cannot see what it is!

    Any ideas?



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    Unhappy no one?

    No one care to comment? Either I am being truely stupid and therefore below comtempt or this is something not experienced before... I wonder...

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    I doubt you can get rid of the @ on the Snom phone.
    But you might be able to resolve the issue through the routing table.
    Please try to create new routing rule with the following:
    "Destination Number Pattern" field set to *@* , where you ITSP IP address.
    then, select destination type to "SIP"
    if you need autorization for that ITSP, after pressing next, select from "Use Extension Settings" combo the extension that can correctly pass autorization on your ITSP.
    You can modify the destination host and port from the "Modified Destination Host:" and "Modified Destination Port:" if necessary.
    Hope this will help.

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    Thanks for that, I have tried this already but I will give it another go and feedback as to the results.

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