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Thread: Cisco IP Phone 7975G on Quadro IPPBX

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    Default Cisco IP Phone 7975G on Quadro IPPBX

    Hi I'm trying for several days to register a Cisco IP Phone 7975 in our Quadro16x, I used some notes are here but without success.

    I want to know if anyone could successfully configure the Cisco IP Phone 7975 in a Quadro16X.

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    Default re: Cisco 7975G

    For starters, I believe you'll need to obtain SIP firmware for your Cisco 7975G in order to use it with Epygi. Cisco's phones ship with their own proprietary firmware called SCCP (Skinny) protocol. They do offer SIP images for their phones but you'll need to purchase a support contact from Cisco in order to get access to the firmware image.

    Unless you are using a PoE switch you'll also need to obtain a 48V AC Power supply to power up your Cisco phone, such as the Cisco CP-PWR-CUBE3 .

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