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Thread: QuadroE1 fails to register extension

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    I'm trying to registera QuadroE1 extension on a 3rd partysip server (i thinkit is aasterisk), through a internet connection on WAN port (quadro is behind a adsl modem-router). But on systemlogs Iget some dns error.

    But dnsseems to be ok, because I can browse any page in internet (when my laptop is connected to LAN port). I get the dns error only when trying to register a extension. I always receivean "incorrectremote address" at System Events.

    This is sip_reg log I have, hope somebody could help me!

    15:26:33 Registering userxxxx on server
    15:26:33 SipRegDlg::OnRegister # xxxx@, reg:1, rr:0, id:xxxx, pswd:exist, info:[][NP#0:60]
    15:26:33 SipDlg:etermineInitTarget # Call to primary outbound server # OID: 57
    15:26:33 TargetQualifier::QualifyTargets # Try to qualify targets for dest # OID: 57
    15:26:33 SipDlg:etermineTarget # Wait for resolving destination: # OID: 57
    15:26:33 TQAgent::UAMsgProc # Can't resolve host: via default dns
    15:26:33 SipRegDlg::TQMsgProc # Got failure msg from TQAgent for destination: # OID: 57
    15:26:33 Registering error (Incorrect remote address), move to terminate state # OID: 57

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