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    Default Call Statistics - Automatically Download

    Hi, I've been trying to do automatic downloads of our call logs without success. I would like to use the ftp function rather than the email.

    I choose "Enable Automatic Downloading of Call Statistics"

    and then mark "Send to server"

    with values:
    Server Name
    Server Port 21
    Path on Server /home/myuser/phonestats

    and choose "Send Method" --> "FTP" --> and then fill in my username and password.

    Now, using these values to ftp works in other programs works, so what am I doing wrong??

    We're using a Quadro M32X

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    Here is my error log:

    Oct 28 21:03:38 quadrom cdr: --17:03:35-- `/tmp/call_statistics.log'
    Oct 28 21:03:38 quadrom cdr: => ftp://mebaumann:xxxxx@
    Oct 28 21:03:38 quadrom cdr: Connecting to connected!
    Oct 28 21:03:38 quadrom cdr: Logging in as mebaumann ... Error: Login-Sequence failed (Login authentication failed)
    Oct 28 21:03:38 quadrom cdr: Skipping all files from this account...

    See anything fishy? I really can't figure this out, any ideas anyone?

    It looks like it doesn't want to take my user name and password for some reason, but I can ftp in with this same combo on another machine just fine

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    I created another ftp server on a completely different server and created a new user for the epygi to connect to the ftp server and it still fails at the login stage.

    Is this possibly a configuration issue on the epygi? Does anyone have a sample ftp configuration for the epygi that works?

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    Quadro is working with different type of FTP servers, as windows also linux based . As I see from logs your problem appears during ftp user authentication. So I can suggest to try with "anonymous" user (without pass). Probably there is some misconfiguration on FTP server. After I can suggest to use FileZilla FTP server (tested and working 100%), or bundled XAMPP ( ) solution (also tested and working 100%).

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