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Thread: Remote Extension not diverting to voicemail

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    Default Remote Extension not diverting to voicemail

    I am a newbie with the Quadro 16x and I am having an issue with remote extensions and calls not transferring to voicemail when the remote extension is registered.

    When the remote extension is not registered calls to the extension transfer to voicemail if unanswered, this all seems to work as expected.

    When the remote extension is registered it is possible to make and receive calls as normal with the exception that unanswered calls either go to the ITSP failover PSTN number if an external call or get a Quadro "Unable to make peer connection" (or similar) if an internal call.

    A possible related issue is if a regular lan phone receives a call but the user "rejects" the call it does not get sent to the users voicemail.

    As I said I am a newbie, do I need any routing rules for users voicemail boxes? It appears that they are implicitly handled by enabling voicemail on a particular extension. It is my understanding that if the extension rings and goes unanswered it should fall back to voicemail.

    Any help is appreciated with this.

    [edit] If it matters the remote extensions are using the latest Linphone as a soft client.
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    For posterity...

    I seem to have rectified the issue of the call not going to voice mail by switching to XLite 3 which seems to behave mostly as expected.

    I had previously looked at XLite 4 but that has to be one of the worst pieces of software I have seen, similar to Windows XP (good) and Vista (bad). It is worth googling to find an alternative download source for v3.

    I did strike one issue with XLite 3 though, the softphone rang but dropped the call when I answered. When an external call was routed through to the remote extension the called failed with an error, can't remember it exactly, something like failed to negotiate media. It appears XLite v3 does not support the G729 codec that the inbound call negotiated with the quadro prior to routing call to remote extension (is that possible?). So I removed G729 from the extensions list of codecs and it worked.

    Hope that helps someone else.
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    Good to know that you've been able to sort out the problems. Just one comment on G.729 codec. This codec is licensed and the vendor of SIP device or softphone has to pay the royality fee for every single voice port using G.729. By that reason X-lite doesn't have that codec since it is a free phone. If you really need that codec you have to buy Bria.

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