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Thread: Dial using the Windows Phone Dialler

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    Default Dial using the Windows Phone Dialler

    Hello, One of my clients have a CRM application that they can initiate calls using the windows phone dialler to log an entry in the application.

    My question is can use any of the Epygi applications to make calls via the windows phone dialler? I have made some progress with a post on this forum using a TAPI dialler, but the client is using a ISDN30 for their outgoing call, and this TAPI method does not appear to dial via the ISDN30 trunk -

    Thanks for any input on this one.

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    Epygi has three applications that allow to inintiate the calls from the Windows applications.
    The first is the HotCall Outlook plug-in that allows to make the call from Outlook
    The second is HotKeyCall that allows to select with mouse the phone number in any Windows application window and pressing some hot key (for example, Ctrl+Y) make a call to selected number.
    Also, there is the SugarCRM plug-in that allow to make calls from SugarCRM window.

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    Thanks for the reply - the CRM application actually launches the Windows phone dialler - so we need a solution that can be added as a new 'line' in the windows XP phone dialler.

    Thanks again.

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    Well I believe what Graham is after is th following :

    * SIP to TAPI Interface - that allows communication from windows applications via the dialler.

    Now all he needs to do is go to sourceforge and look for a tapi application



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