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    Default Quadro Public Directory

    Hi, I have our users listed in the public directory and our snom phones access the xml data by using the action url

    My question is, is there an additional parameter we can tack on to the command to make it sort alphabetically? Right now it sorts by extension and an alpha sort just makes more sense.


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    Currently ther is no way to alpha sort it, but we will consider adding that option.

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    Thanks, that would really be great.

    By the way, are there other xml requests available? I couldn't find the public directory xml request in the documentation (not to say it isn't there) and was wondering if there are other xml requests also available?
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    In general XML requests to Quadro or from it is designed for internal use (internal configuration), and is not publicly announced or available. The functionality is not documented and can be changed in any time, with new features added or old removed for some reason.
    So, I would recommend to use auto-configuration which will auto-configure requested functionality automatically on particular programmable button.

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