Hello i'm having a quadro 4x we are using as our office pbx. The only way I was able to have the Quadro on my internet conexion was by doing One to One NAT with a fix IP to the Quadro WAN IP in my Linksy RV042 router (the LAN port is not used).

Is there any way to configure the Quadro for dynamic IP behind a DHCP router?

My problem is that I want to separate the Quadro from the main business internet conexion and have a dedicated internet conexion for VOIP. The conexion I want to use for the Quadro is already use by an Asterisk server witch is working fine using DHCP on its WAN port.

I did try to configure the Quadro 4x using DHCP on the WAN port and the network on the LAN side (like the Asterisk server) but with no succes. The Quadro can register to my SIP provider and the phone can registers to the Quadro but there is no way to communicate because we only hear a big "SSSCHCHCHCHSSSSCHCHCHCH" noise when calling the Quadro from the main office line and we cannot make calls.

Please can you help?