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Thread: Quadro 4x SASY-SOHO-0101-0100 latest firmware

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    Default Quadro 4x SASY-SOHO-0101-0100 latest firmware


    I received a second hand Quadro 4x model number: SASY-SOHO-0101-0100

    Currently running firmware version 2.3.66.

    I need to know the latest firmware available for this model.

    Thank you!

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    I am pretty sure this should be ok with 5.1.39


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    Quote Originally Posted by KSComs View Post
    I am pretty sure this should be ok with 5.1.39

    Thank you for the reply. I am trying to install version 2.4.50 and I receive the following message "Error: The uploaded image is not valid." (Print screen attached). Also tried other versions (3.0.26, 4.1.33) with same result.
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    ok looked at the file area again and it states now on every file including the archives - Description: All models except: SASY-SOHO-0101-0100;

    You will have to send a pm to the Epygi guys themselves and ask for a version that will work with your 4x ... I checked everywhere I could on the File area and there isnt a file compatible or even information for me to give you any more hints ...



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    Yes, it seems that this unit is very old. I will send a separate email to discuss this issue.

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